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Colonic Irrigation Specialist in Melbourne – Colon Hydrotherapy and Weight Loss

The Colon Care Clinic is the premier centre for colonic irrigation, detox colon, and colon cleanse in Melbourne, Victoria. We utilise the latest technology using the LIIBBE equipment, which offers the highest quality in safety and sanitation, and complies with the TGA and FDA standards.

Our mission is to create an awareness of the importance of colon care and to promote a purer body, mind and sense of wellbeing.

Open 7 days a week - by appointment only

What is Colon Cleansing?

Colon cleansing, also commonly known as high colonic irrigation, cleansing, colon therapy or colon hydrotherapy, is a popular type of safe alternative medical therapy. As part of the popular detoxifying treatment, tubes are used to comfortably inject temperature-controlled, filtered water into the colon. This liquid rids the body of accumulations of parasites, waste, and pathogenic gut flora that can otherwise cause numerous health and lifestyle issues. The intoxication caused by a day-to-day diet is countered by the common, odourless safe colonic treatment, sometimes referred to as entero-lavage.

Colonic Irrigation Benefits

Why would I need Colonic Irrigation?

The colon, or large intestine, is a key element of the digestive process. It is a reflex organ, meaning that the build-up of mucus, toxins and waste around it can affect the functioning of the entire body. This may result in tiredness and weight gain, among a host of other symptoms.

The benefits of Colon Irrigation (Colon Hydrotherapy) include:

  • Weight-loss
  • Relief From Constipation
  • Flatter Stomach
  • Increase In Energy
  • Increase In Vitality
  • Reduced Symptoms Of Bloating and IBS
  • Natural Detox

Colonic irrigations can be thought of as a means of purification. The efficient hygiene procedures associated with the practice help to remove faeces and toxins from the body, and in turn to fight numerous health problems. These include (but are not limited to) constipation, bloating, cramping pains, acne and other skin complaints, arthritis, general irritability, and a number of bowel-related and digestive conditions.
The treatment leaves patients feeling cleansed and relaxed.

How long does colonic irrigation take?

A colon cleansing generally takes between 45-60 minutes. This time is devoted to the injection of water, which may be mixed with herbs or other liquids, into the colon via sterilised tubes, in order to remove waste from the body.

Does colonic irrigation help with weight loss?

Given that the treatment involves the flushing out of accumulated waste and toxins from the body, colonic irrigation is associated with weight loss. Patients find that the hydrotherapy helps to ease bloating, assists in the flattening of the abdomen, and can even result in an improved metabolism. To capitalise on this, patients should also observe a healthy diet and exercise pattern. Please feel free to call Colon Care Clinic at 03 9813 3713 if you have any questions.

Why choose Colon Care Clinic Melbourne?

With more than fifteen years of experience, the Colon Care Clinic Melbourne – founded by division one registered nurse Agnes Roitman – offers reassuring professionalism, dedication, and privacy at all times. The Colon Care Clinic is the first of its kind to have opened in Melbourne, with the wealth of experience and trust amassed by the clinic and its staff aiding its reputation for excellence.  The Clinic has aided over ten thousand people in improving their health through colonic irrigation, and boasts the most amount of beds in Melbourne. The Colon Care Clinic uses only the safest LIBBE equipment in accordance with FDA and TGA guidelines, and is staffed by certified, well-trained professionals. The ongoing confidence exhibited by patients can be attributed to the unparalleled staff and practices that the Clinic offers.

Our state of the art clinic is located in the heart of Camberwell where we offer you the best in service and treatment in colon and bowel cleansing. We are located at 542 Riversdale Road, Camberwell. Come in and experience the wonders of a body detox today.

Find out informative, educational and news-worthy information about colonic irrigation and your health at our Colonic Irrigation news & articles section. Or browse our Frequently Asked Questions on Colonic Irrigation below:

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7 Important Things You Need to Know About Colon Hydrotherapy?



Agnes Roitman, Registered Nurse

Colonic Therapist for 16 years

These 7 important things are crucial if you are going to take a Colonic Irrigation Treatment.

It will help you to understand:

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  • The day of your arrival
  • Why do you need a Colon Cleanse?
  • The Colon Cleansing healing process
  • Before / After a Colon Hydrotherapy Session
  • General Tips
  • How will I feel after my first Colon Hydrotherapy Session?

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