What Are The Benefits of Colonic Irrigation?

Colon Irrigation is an extremely effective way to help your body function at its optimum level. 
Eliminating toxins and waste from the body through colon irrigation will see an improvement in your energy, digestive system and overall wellbeing. Here are the major benefits of regular colonic irrigations.

One of the major benefits of colonic irrigation is increased energy levels
Decreased risk of colon cancer is one of the benefits of colonic irrigations
Improved digestion is one of the benefits of colonic irrigations
One of the benefits of colonic irrigation is that it prevents constipation
The benefits of colonic irrigation is an improved ability to concentrate and focus
An increase in fertility is one of the benefits of colonic irrigation

INCREASe in overall ENERGY levels

By releasing toxins in the body, you are releasing the energy that is usually used for your digestion and pushing waste through your body. Colon irrigation is a detoxifier, so people who have undergone the treatment report to feel rejuvenated, full of energy, have better blood circulation and a more restful sleep.





All of the toxins your body absorbs, whether it be through your breath, eating or drinking, are processed by your liver and gastrointestinal system. These toxins can cause extreme problems for your body if they are not pushed through your system as quickly as possible. Polyps, cysts, and cancerous growths are all possible results of a blocked digestive system.




Improves Digestion

Undigested waste is forced through your system as the colon is cleansed. This clears the way for improved nutrient absorption, and eliminates bacteria that can live in this undigested waste. 

A cleansed colon only allows good things to be absorbed into your system. Nutrients, vitamins and water are allowed into the bloodstream while toxins and bacteria are pushed through as waste.


Assists With Weight Loss

The colon weighs an average of 2kgs when empty and can hold up to 8 meals before digestion  begins. Low fibre foods take 3 times as long to make their way through the body as high fibre foods. These slow moving foods produce a mucous in the intestine that physically weighs down your intestinal tract. Colon irrigation clears this mucous and keeps your digestive system running smoothly.



Prevents Constipation 

Constipation and chronic constipation cause a slow response from the digestive system.

This leaves waste in your system longer and increases the chances of bacteria and toxins being absorbed into the bloodstream. Colon irrigation clears out your digestive system and ensures it remains healthy and constipation free.


Improves Concentration

Ineffective nutrient absorption caused from a blocked digestive system and poor diet can lead to you becoming distracted and lose concentration easily. The mucus that builds up in an uncleared colon will keep your body from getting all the vitamins in requires even if you eat a healthy diet. Colon irrigation ensures you stay alert and getting all the nutrients you need to keep your brain functioning effectively.


Increases Fertility in Women

Colon cleansing, a healthy diet and exercise are all factors in ensuring you remain at a healthy weight. As fat is oestrogen based, becoming pregnant becomes more difficult if too much fat is present in the body. A colon that has had waste building up for a number of years can be pressing on the uterus and the reproductive organs which can be damaging.