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Colonic Cleanse Melbourne Practitioner Agnus Roitman

Agnes Roitman

Founder of Colon Care Clinic

Agnes Roitman, a division one registered nurse of over 30 years in cancer wards founded the Colon Care Clinic in 1997 in Melbourne.

The motivation for opening a Colonic Irrigation clinic in Melbourne stemmed from watching helplessly as her own mother passed away from colon cancer. In addition, Agnes is the first to admit that she abused laxatives in her youth, which led to a lazy bowel and caused her all the symptoms one can expect from an unhealthy colon.

Upon extensive research and study Agnes came to the conclusion, that in combination with a nutritious diet and proper exercise, Colonic Irrigation is an effective detoxification and preventative mechanism.

The only problem was that at that time in Melbourne there was no place for Agnes to go for her to have regular colonic sessions. It was then that Agnes took a risk and in 1997 opened The Colon Care Clinic in Hawthorn, Melbourne and in the almost 20 years since has assisted tens of thousands of people.

After ten years being based out of Hawthorn, in early 2009 after outgrowing that space we moved down the road to larger premises on 542 Riversdale Road in Camberwell, Melbourne. 

Our new space has had extensive renovations and each of the four completely private treatment rooms include en-suite, ducted heating / AC and mounted wall TV screens for your comfort.

Each of our four procedure rooms also offers a calming atmosphere and complete privacy.  The Colon Care Clinic is frequently complimented on its impeccable hygiene standards and the quality of its TGA equipment. Our clinic's professionalism, passion and dedication are second to none.

state-of-the-art facilities


All colonic sessions are administered using LIBBE equipment which offers the highest quality in safety and sanitation and complies with TGA and FDA guidelines that dictate rigorous accountability. The features of the equipment include: temperature controlled water, an odourless vent system, a clear viewing tube, a ultra-violet purification and filter system and an automatic safety shut off system. Disposable single use rectal tubes are used with every Colonic Irrigation session.

Colon Care Clinic Client Reviews

I have been visiting the Colon Care Clinic for nearly two years and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Not only have I noticed benefits to my digestive system but my skin is clearer, hair is healthier, immune system is stronger and my overall well being has improved. I look forward to my weekly sessions and feel this is not a luxury but a necessity to maintaining good health. Agnes and the team are always very professional and friendly and make every session very comfortable for me.