Colonic Irrigation Melbourne

Colonic Irrigation Melbourne 

While the idea of cleansing your colon may sound a little strange at first, it’s actually a completely normal treatment that’s enjoyed by thousands of people every day. The truth of the matter is, most people tend to disregard their colon until something goes wrong or they experience a persistent health problem that over the counter medication can’t fix.

Even though the immune system encompasses your entire body, the gut accounts for as much as 80%! For this reason, it’s just as important to take care of your colon as it is the rest of your body. As experts of colonic irrigation in Melbourne, we’ve seen firsthand how this natural treatment can positively impact the well-being of patients.

In this article, we’re going to take an in-depth look at colonic irrigation and the various health benefits it can provide when done on a regular basis.

What is Colonic Irrigation?

Believe it or not, colonic irrigation can be traced all the way back to 1500 B.C. where ancient Egyptians used it to improve overall quality of life. Everything that you eat or drink gets processed by your digestive organs and passes through the colon - that’s a pretty big job!

Even though the digestive system is incredibly effective at its job, over time, waste can “block up” parts of the colon and decrease your body’s ability to process nutrients. This can lead to the buildup of excess waste, toxic material, and even bacterial matter, all of which negatively impact your health.

Colonic irrigation is the process of using water to hydrate and flush out built up waste in the colon so it can be restored back to proper, functioning health. Working to detoxify the body, colon irrigation can be enjoyed by everyone whether you’re experiencing health problems or simply want to feel your best.

How do you know if you need Colon Irrigation?

While there are certainly more than a few health problems that colonic irrigation can help with, at the end of the day, anyone and everyone can benefit from it. Because your colon is responsible for so many different processes, keeping it detoxified with periodic colonic irrigation sessions can help you feel your best year round.

That being said, if you find yourself feeling sluggish, suffering from unexpected skin breakouts, or dealing with abnormal aches and pains, it may be a good sign that it’s time for a colon cleanse. Even though you may not think your gut health would have a direct influence on these factors, a number of different ailments can be linked to the digestive system, including allergies!

On the other hand, one of the most common symptoms of poor colon health is the presence of irregular bowel movements. If you find yourself unable to have at least one complete bowel movement every day, it’s a red flag that your digestive system may be in need of colon irrigation.

An impacted bowel is a popular culprit, prohibiting your body from fully absorbing dietary nutrients while simultaneously preventing it from effectively disposing of harmful waste. Depending on the severity, it’s not uncommon to experience symptoms of “brain fog”, irritability, changes in appetite, stomach pains, and even headaches.

How Does Colon Irrigation Work?

If it’s your first time going through colonic hydrotherapy (colon irrigation), it can be a little daunting - but worry not!. At the Colon Care Clinic, we take great pride in our state of the art equipment and process in which we aim to make you as comfortable as possible.

As such, we only use LIBBE equipment which offers the highest standard of safety and sanitation while also complying with both TGA and FDA guidelines. Complete with countless safety and comfort features, during a colonic irrigation session, we use drug-free, purified warm water that is slowly introduced into the bowel with a sterilized, disposable tube.

This gentle process slowly fills the bowels so that every surface is exposed and we can ensure maximal detoxification. Once complete, gravity alone flushes out the water along with toxins, gases, and accumulated fecal matter into a sealed and sterilized waste tank.

During this process, which is typically completed a few times over the course of the session, patients are able to observe the waste tube so they can see for themselves the build-up that was negatively affecting their health. 

Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned cleanser, we’re confident you’ll be hard pressed to find a better colonic irrigation clinic in Melbourne!

Benefits of Colonic Irrigation

1. Increased Energy Levels

One of the biggest reasons people partake in colonic irrigation is because they’re either feeling “off” or generally sluggish no matter how much sleep they get. As we touched on above, even if you consume a relatively healthy diet, additives and pesticides that are present in many foods can have a negative impact on the digestive system and remain in the colon, allowing toxins to build up. Colon irrigation helps to detoxify the body and restore wellbeing as a result of your digestive system working like it’s supposed to.

2. Lower Risk of Digestive Diseases

Just as toxins and waste buildup can negatively affect your energy levels and wellbeing, they can also lead to a number of more serious problems when not properly expelled. Colon irrigation can help ensure your digestive system is regularly ridding the body of harmful waste that may lead to the development of polyps, cysts, or even cancerous growths.

3. Improve Digestion & Absorption

When your body isn’t able to absorb all of the nutrients it needs from your diet, it can affect everything from appetite control to sleep and hormone imbalances. Colon irrigation ensures all of the surfaces of your colon are primed to do their job, absorbing all of the essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs to function properly while getting rid of waste in a timely manner. 

The Colon Care Clinic of Melbourne

With more than 20 years of experience in colonic irrigation, the Colon Care Clinic has helped tens of thousands of patients throughout Melbourne. Originally founded in 1997 as a Colon Irrigation Melbourne clinic, we have since stayed true to our founding principles and continue to make Melbourne our home with a state of the art clinic, professional staff, and four private colon irrigation rooms that aim to provide the highest levels of comfort and privacy.

20 years ago when we first opened we were in fact the first clinic in Melbourne, and have continued to lead the industry as the largest clinic in Melbourne.

In addition to our industry leading LIBBE equipment which provides the highest standards of safety and sanitation, the Colon Care Clinic always strives to make each patient as comfortable as possible while respecting all privacy wishes for the best possible experience. If you’re in need of colon irrigation near Melbourne and want the best in both standards and comfort, look no further than the Colon Care Clinic. Check out the colonic deal they’re running right now!

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