Colonic Irrigation Reviews

Since opening our clinic doors in 1997, we have successfully treated tens of thousands of Melburnians! See what some of our clients have to say about the clinic and quality of our colon hydrotherapy treatments.

I have been coming to the Colon Care Clinic for the last 20 years and would definitely recommend it to everyone. It makes me feel so energetic and cleansed. Love it!

Kevin Amad

I recently attended the Colon Care Clinic and I am writing to let you know how impressed myself and my daughter Sarah were about the kind, compassionate, energetic person LANA is.  She has a contagious, happy go lucky demeanour, that shows a great deal of knowledge about her profession. LANA is one in a million!!!

Andi  Wollheim

I recently came in for a consultation.  I am recovering from a recent flare up of ulcerative colitis.   Lana was the team member who assisted me with my first treatment.  She is extremely professional and thorough with her work.  I was blown away by her care and genuine passion to assist and follow up on treatments. Lana’s knowledge is outstanding and I am so happy I discovered the colon care clinic. 

Ulker C

I recently made an appointment at the colonic irrigation clinic after not being able to attend over the past 5 years, due to distance and work commitments, as I live in Berwick.

I was greeted by your friendly staff member Lana whom could not be more helpful or welcoming. She refreshed me again on the procedure and updated me on current information and benefits of colonics. Her friendly nature is an asset to your business. 

I wish you continued success in your business & thank you & your staff members for making my sessions calm & relaxing.

Jennie R

Hi, my name is Janelle Madigan. I am a 34 year old personal trainer, loving wife of 8 years to Brett, doting mother of Keirra (5) and Ethan (2 1/2). In March 2009, I was diagnosed with a rare form of cervical cancer. In March 2010, following chemotherapy, radiotherapy and radical surgery, I was re-diagnosed as 'medically incurable'. Now I am on a mission to become the next medical miracle by returning to complete health in 2011 against the odds!

I began visiting the Colon Care Clinic in Camberwell Victoria earlier this year after my cancer head spread throughout my pelvic area and was beginning to invade my bladder and bowel. Agnes, Loretta and the team have been so helpful and understanding and shared their knowledge and wisdom with me regarding natural healing techniques. Since I began visiting the Colon Care Clinic I have continued to feel stronger and healthier on the inside and out. Amazingly after several months visiting the Colon Care Clinic my most recent CT scan showed 'no sign of disease present', which truly is a miracle.

My journey is not over yet but thanks to the Colon Care Clinic I am well on the way to becoming that 'medical miracle' that I dreamed of! I am now a lifelong ambassador of the Colon Care Clinic and I urge anyone else with anything from the most basic ailment to a 'terminal disease' to try this out for your self - it truly will change your life for the better! Love Janelle Madigan (

Janelle Madigan

I have been visiting the Colon Care Clinic in Camberwell for nearly two years and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Not only have I noticed benefits to my digestive system but my skin is clearer, hair is healthier, immune system is stronger and my overall well being has improved. I look forward to my weekly sessions and feel this is not a luxury but a necessity to maintaining good health. Agnes and the team are always very professional and friendly and make every session very comfortable for me.


I have been visiting the Colon Care Clinic in Camberwell for seven years and my body has never felt or looked better. I could not possibly have lived without Colonic Irrigation as it has made amazing changes to my well being.


Colonic irrigation is the foundation of any detoxification process. A dream colon is the foundation of good health no matter how many supplements, how much heavy metal detoxing and care with diet. Health cannot be optimal without the removal of colonic plaque and residue. Our sincere gratitude to Aggy and staff for their caring and dedicated work. It is a wonderful contribution to people's wellbeing to have!


I find it interesting how many people look after their car better then they look after their body, servicing their cars once or twice a year yet neglecting their body or waiting until it's too late.

I found preventative measures like colonic irrigation have helped me a great deal. The feeling after a session of colonic irrigation is amazing! I completed the initial recommended course eight years ago, and now have one or two colonic sessions per month to maintain optimal health. However I increase the number of sessions during periods of high stress in my life. Colonic irrigation could be the answer to removing the toxins that make you feel sluggish.


In October 2001 I was diagnosed with a rare brain and spinal cord tumor. After four rounds of surgery I suffered a stroke on the operating table and had to spend 3 months in intensive care. After this I tried various natural health remedies, including colon hydrotherapy. Having started the weekly therapy in may 2002; my body began to eliminate the toxic traces of the chemotherapy and other drugs. With time my colon detoxified enough to better absorb vitamins and nutrients which sped up my recovery. I wish I had found The Colon Care Clinic before the third surgery as it would have diminished the dramas of medically related constipation. Colonic Irrigation is also quite important for people without cancer and should be done regularly. We all need to take better care of out bodies.


If it were not for Agnes I would not be alive today. I had constipation for years. I was taking a lot of laxatives but it gradually got worse and worse, when I saw the advertisement in the paper and came to Agnes, I was in a very bad way as I could not go to the toilet at all. The elasticity of the wall of the bowels was at the lowest point of normal about 5 years ago. The muscles in my bowel stopped working and if it were not for Agnes I would not be alive today. After telling her my problems I asked if she could help me. She explained to me how the treatment works and I started that day. I am very fortunate.


I recently tried the treatment and the result exceeded all my expectations. I have attended the Colon Care Clinic in Camberwell for the first time a few weeks ago and have notices that the following improvements have taken place since then: My facial skin became smoother and softer and some of the wrinkles disappeared, natural peristaltic movements of the bowel recovered thereby decreasing the bane of constipation, my appetites decreased, I eat less and feel less drowsy during the day. I am convincing that the continuation of my treatment will keep benefiting my health and I wish Agnes to keep up her good work and the very high standard of customer service.


After my mother developed an autoimmune disease, I found out that she has been constipated for a very long time. She had diverticulitis and after having a colonoscopy myself I discovered that I had the same problem. I never thought I had problems with constipation, you think you're okay, even when you are not, so I started colon hydrotherapy. Unlike home enemas, there was n pain at all. Every time you leave the clinic feeling lighter and healthier. The next time I saw my physician he was amazed at my improvement. There was virtually no trace of diverticulitis. I firmly believe that this is the way of preventing disease. I figure if I keep myself clean I give myself half a chance.


Dear Agnes and every smiling face at the Colon Care Clinic. Thank you for your impeccable service and your genuine caring souls. Sincerely without this clinic I would be a walking dead person with a swollen belly, lots of pimples, wrinkles and probably colon cancer. I enjoy seeing every one of you on a weekly basis and hate missing my session when I put work before my health (only occasionally). I am proud to admit that I have been a patient here since the clinic opened. Some of my friends think I am strange for having colonics, but who cares! Thank you.


What a simple straight forward way to solve a big problem for most of us. Thank goodness I have found you. Colonic Irrigation is now part of my routine as is eating clean and exercising! There is always a great relief after being here. Agnes, you are my shining star.

John. B

Agi & Team. Thank you so much for all the care you have provided me with over the years. I know I am healthier for having colonics, and that the benefits from it have made my life a better one! So again thanks and I assure you that I will keep spreading the good word in colonics! I am your evangelist!!!

Mike. T

Thank you for all your help, you have helped me 100%. I've suffered with constipation for almost 25 years and now I've never felt so wonderful. I will be seeing you for a long time to come. Thank you heaps; I'm sure you will be having a few new clients shortly. Love you heaps.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Agnes on the most professional manner they conduct at the clinic! I have been attending the Colon Care Clinic in Camberwell for over 6 years and I have benefited greatly from it. I can recommend it to anyone who feels run down and has no energy! My natural vitamins are actually working now! Thanks heaps!


We have been coming here for colonics for over 15 years. We always feel terrific after we have been to the Colon Care Clinic and recommend it to anyone. Agnes and her team are fantastic, they are friendly and professional. We look forward to seeing them each week when we come!

Michael & Jenny

Thank you to Agnes and the rest of the team for your professional, friendly and caring approach to me and all your clients. I first started colonic irrigation sessions 18 months ago, the first time I put my home on the market. Regular colonic sessions have helped me to remain positive, energized and tolerant of the long process of selling my home. I look forward to continuing my colonic sessions at the Colon Care Clinic for many years to come. Thanks!


I wish to thank Agnes and her girls for their care and attention over the last 8 years. I have been undergoing weekly colonic irrigation sessions and believe it plays a huge part in my obvious good health hand mental wellbeing in order to survive a busy lifestyle. Many thanks again.


Thank you Agnes and the team for your professional and caring attitude making every visit more than just a session. It is a whole experience of wellness and friendship and that contribute greatly to my health and wellbeing. It is also great to hear about what people say when I recommend they try colon irrigation. Before and after always well. Love, light and thanks!


My experience at the Colon Care Clinic was a life saving miracle.

I did a thorough and serious Detox while having a series of 12 colonic sessions. On my 8th colonic session - coffee colonic- my liver passed stones!

With each progressive session, my body and mind healed and my spirit was finally free, happy, and at peace. Each session became 'pleasurable' and a 'luxury spa treatment for my colon' as I like to call it. The deeper i went through my detox and colonics, the deeper the healing on all mind/body/spirit levels.

Its all connected, if your colon is clogged and gummed up from years of abuse (food, environment, emotions, toxins), not only do you become physically sick, but you are angry, miserable and not enjoy life at all. Like a big pot with burnt food stuck to it, you need to soak it in order to clean it out. This is what colonics does, its just water! We need to wake up and unlearn what we have learned, and go back to basics, this is the only way to let your spirit sing!

I would not have had the strength to do all this without the three angels (staff), Lana, Sunshine, and the Russian beauty. I got to know Lana the most, and she was warm, comforting and a backbone for me throughout the whole process and empowered me to continue my detox journey. She created the 'spa' experience for me by a clean and hygienic environment, turning off lights, heating, blankets and pillows, and great advice.

I have so much gratitude and respect for the job these people do. They do more good than any doctor, naturopath, surgeon, or health insurance company. They are the heroes that save lives - they deal and manage with our 'waste products'' - our colon - and that is where the ROOT cause of all illnesses lye. This is the right place to go if you are serious about changing you life.

God bless these people and the Colon Care Clinic.

With much love and light,

Vicky Andrew

I have been coming for the past 5 years. The staff are professional and accommodating to your every need their knowledge is at a high...
I thank Lana and the staff for looking after my well being

Michelle K

I highly recommend colon care clinic. I have been a customer for the last year and can truly say it has changed my life. I feel more energised and less bloated.

Andrea Gonzalez

Today was my first session, yes I was a bit nervous but I got through it and I am now looking forward to my next one. The clinic was clean and the room was spacious and very comfortable. Thank you colon care.

Larry Bald

Thank you to everyone at Colon Care Clinic, my tummy is happy and I feel great. Thank you especially to Lana who made me feel at ease. Highly recommended

Mandy L

My son has been a client of Colon Care Clinic for the past 3 years. He suffers from Slow transit colon. This severely affects his day to day life, After trying years of different therapies we discovered Colonic irrigation. He has two sessions per week. This has provided him with a better quality of life. no more constipation, bloating and soiling. As a young man he was a little unsure about the process. However, Lana our colonic therapist put him at ease with her professional and gentle manner. She has a wonderful sense of humour which is important in this industry. i'd like to thank Aggie and Lana for their wonderful support.

Claudia Pace

Lana was my therapist , she was very professional and informative. As a first timer the process was made very easy and I was made to feel at ease. Thank you.

Graham B

I have to say I was completely blown away, the difference I felt after the colonic was incredible, I could see the hydration on my skin. My therapist was very helpful, I would not have had the strength to do all this without Lana. This is the right place to go if you are serious about changing your life xxxx

Very caring, professional service. Was anxious at start but staff always made me feel comfortable, was with me every step, every time. Thank you.

Oliver Wittmann

Colon Care Clinic has done amazing things for my health, I highly recommend their clinic and their friendly staff made me feel at ease during the procedure. I am full on energy and feel less bloated!

Suncica A

Hi I have been coming to colonic clinic camberwell for over 20years . I travel from essendon every week. Apart from enjoying the experience of cleansing ,I find I have more energy I feel brighter & happier in my myself . I couldn't imagine my life without using this procedure ,as it fulfills all my requirements for a happy life style . Gaye

Gaye Lester

I have been coming here for colonics for 2 years now and all the staff have been fantastic
Keep up the good work.

Steve G

Thank you to Agnes, Lana and the team for your professional and friendly service always endeavouring to accomodate and make the experience beneficial ALL WAYS

Deborah Zalewski

Very clean, professional and comfortable environment. Highly recommend to others!

Janan N

Lovely staff and excellent services! Always leave feeling great!

Alice Primrose

All you want in an uncomfortable situation is great service and a friendly face. Thats what I found in Lana. Thank you so much!!!

Heather Karabatakis

Great staff, very helpful and friendly!
Lana especially!

Jacqueline Eingorn

Over the past 10 years I have been a frequent client of Colon Care Clinic. I can not speak highly enough of the professionalism and care given. The manager Lana has always gone out of her way to schedule me in sometimes at short notice. The whole process is always handled with care and I thank Colon Care Clinic and Lana for my continued well being.


I have been coming for over 2years and have found it very beneficial for my well being. The staff are absolutely friendly and professional. Very clean and hygiene is very high. Recommend it to any one

April T