The Colonic Hydrotherapy Process

What is colonic hydrotherapy?

A Colonic Irrigation (also known as Colonic Hydrotherapy) session is a drug free method whereby purified warm water is introduced into the bowel through a sterilised, disposable, pencil thin tube. The purified water gently fills the bowels before using gravity alone to get flushed out. During a Colonic Irrigation session you can expect to rid yourself of toxins, gas, accumulated fecal matter, and 'mucoid plaque' that lines the colon and corrupts its proper function.

The equipment

At the Colon Care Clinic, all colonic sessions are administered using LIBBE equipment which offers the highest quality in safety and sanitation while complying with both TGA and FDA guidelines that dictate rigorous accountability. Our state-of-the-art equipment offers countless features such as: temperature controlled water, an odourless vent system, a clear viewing tube, a ultra-violet purification and filter system, and an automatic safety shut off system. Disposable single use rectal tubes are used with every Colonic Irrigation session.

The process

During the session, patients can observe the waste exiting through a clear viewing tube which runs alongside the procedure bed. The same flushing process is repeated multiple times over a 45 to 60 minute period. Full privacy is provided and a therapist is always available upon request.

Our new clinic has had extensive renovations and each of the four completely private treatment rooms include en-suite, duct heating / AC and wall mounted TV screens for your comfort.