Colon Irrigation Melbourne

A Time To Cleanse


If you’re feeling run down, suffering with skin breakouts, experiencing aches and pains or just generally not feeling your best, you may want to consider a detox!

Detoxing has been practised for centuries and is all about resting, nourishing and cleansing the body from the inside out. The key to creating and maintaining maximum health for your body is eliminating it of toxins and replacing them with lots of nutrients.

Colonic Therapy is a key component of a detox, as a healthy and clean digestive system is the key to easy digestion and a healthy body!

We’re currently offering 2 colonics for $100 as part of our May-Tox sale. Usually $88 each, this will help to clear out your system of all the toxins and kick start an amazing overall detox.

So, how does a detox work exactly? Basically, ‘detox’ is short for detoxification, which means ‘cleansing of the blood.’

This is achieved my eliminating toxins and impurities from the liver. It also removes toxins from the intestines, lungs, lymph, skin and kidneys.

A detox helps your body’s natural cleansing process. While you fast, your organs are given a rest. This stimulates the liver to remove impurities, assisting in improving the circulation blood and refuels the body with healthy nutrients.

A detox once per year can be very beneficial to your overall health.
Some great ways to help your body to detoxify all year round include; consuming lots of vitamin C, drinking plenty of water per day (2 litres is recommended), eating lots of fibre and allowing time to relax and breathe so oxygen can flow completely through your system.

Exercise is another fantastic way to help the body detoxify. Yoga and cardio such as jogging or cycling are great for clearing the system.

Colon irrigation is also an amazing help. This clears undigested waste from your system and makes way for improved nutrient absorption.

A cleansed colon only allows good things to be absorbed into your system. Nutrients, vitamins and water are allowed into the bloodstream while toxins and bacteria are pushed through as waste, making it the perfect partner for a detox!

Take advantage of our May-Tox offer and feel free to come into the clinic to chat to one of our staff about what sort of detox programs might be right for you.