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Constipation - An Icky Topic That no one Wants to Talk About, but Happens to Everybody.

Though it happens to just about every person at some point in his or her life, constipation is a problem that nobody seems to want to discuss. Maybe, it’s an awkward topic to talk about but when it happens to you, it's far from an enjoyable experience. Our crazy lives and poor diets don't help either. Our lifestyle and everything that we put into our system determines how we function. It really is true that you are what you eat! You don't put 87 octane into a Formula 1 race car and expect it to perform like it was designed to and the same concept applies to your body as well.

There are many common causes of constipation. It’s important to note most of our colons are pretty unhealthy overall. Toxins accumulate inside the colon itself and not only cause simple problems like constipation, they can also lead to advanced diseases such as inflammation, growths and even colon cancer, which is one of the deadliest forms of cancer. The heavier the food the more the colon has to work and the more constipation we experience when it fails to properly digest foods. Heavy red meats and fatty foods all cause constipation.

Our lifestyles themselves lead to constipation. A general lack of physical exercise keeps us from having an entirely healthy digestive system. An irregular sleep cycle is also a very common cause of constipation - our digestive system is tied to our circadian rhythms and throwing off our sleep schedule can completely ruin our regularity.

Other lifestyle factors that play a part in this problem include stress. You know the term "butterflies in your stomach"? Well, it turns out there is some truth behind it - stress is directly tied to digestion! Adrenaline, the "fight or flight" hormone, almost completely suppresses digestion while it is in action. When our bodies are under stress, anxiety, or any other heightened state (even excitement), normal digestion is placed on hold.

You know what we all consume on a daily basis that causes adrenaline secretion? Caffeine. One of the reasons coffee, or other caffeinated beverages, makes you feel pepped up or excited is because of increased adrenaline. The problem is that adrenaline was designed to be used once in a while, not on a regular basis. Coffee is the entire reason many people have constipation issues

If you have constipation on a regular basis, you should take steps to remedy it. Not only is constipation uncomfortable, it is unhealthy as well. The cure for constipation is to become "regular", so that your body goes at the same time every day. Colonics can be useful in helping you establish a regular schedule. Once you are going at the same time every day - say, first thing in the morning - you will find it much easier to continue that schedule.

To make things easier for your body, eat a diet rich in fibre and light on the heavy foods that are hardest to digest. Getting 30 minutes of exercise every day helps and having a regular colonic clean out at our clinic will see you feeling regular and cleansed.

Enjoy these benefits
  Increase in energy and vitality
  Natural detox
  Feeling positive and relaxed
  Glowing skin
  Reduced symptoms of bloating and IBS
  Flatter stomach
  Natural weight loss
  Relief from constipation
   Feeling of lightness
  Elimination of parasites
  Improved digestion
  Regained muscle streangth of the colon
  Improved absorbtion of nutrients
  Improved mental alertness

Interested in the benefits of colonic irrigation, but unsure of where to start? Perhaps you have some questions? The Colon Care Clinic will be more than happy to give you more information, and explain the colonic irrigation procedure to you, and inform you how the therapy can produce long lasting health benefits.

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