What are Colonics, Colonic Hydrotherapy & Colonic Irrigation?

Colonics, also known as Colonic Irrigation or Colonic Hydrotherapy, is an effective method of removing waste from the large intestine, without the use of drugs.

By introducing filtered and temperature-regulated water into the colon, the waste is softened and loosened, resulting in evacuation through the natural contraction of the bowel.

Colonics are best used in combination with adequate nutrition and fluid intake as well as exercise. The LIBBE system promotes both safety and sanitation

Established almost 20 years ago, the colon care clinic has helped ten's of thousands of people regain their vitality.

Recommended Duration for a Colonics Session

The recommended duration of the procedure is between 45-60 minutes. Our facilities provide complete privacy while utilising the highest forms of sterile, odourless, disposable and hygienic equipment available.

Also included in our sessions are coffee and herbal infusions, which further aid the detoxification process. All new clients receive a complimentary take home package of items that further assists with the detox process.

The Colon Care Clinic has imported the safest and most trusted equipment from the USA and our LIBBE machines are both TGA and FDA approved. 

Through each and every session, you will be assisted by fully trained and experienced female colon hydro-therapists, who have been trained and certified by the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy.

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