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A few of the benefits of colonic irrigation

There are a lot of misconceptions about the benefits of Colonic Hydrotherapy.

So just exactly what are some of the benefits of Colonic Irrigation?

  • The colonic irrigation session is primarily about giving you colon a thorough cleanse and flush.

  • The procedure is meant to cleanse and flush out the entire length of the colon.

  • A colonic irrigation session should always be administered by a trained colonic hydro therapist.

  • Typically, the colonic process lasts anywhere from half an hour to fifty minutes.

The Colonic Irrigation Procedure

First off, a rubber tube is inserted into the rectum. But don’t worry! The tube is very well lubricated and you won’t feel a thing. The water pressure of the hydrotherapy machine is adjusted to suit your comfort.

A colonic is much more effective that a home enema, as it clears the whole length of the colon whereas the enema can only reach the lower parts of the colon, though still doing a very good job.

The Importance of your Colon

Looking after you colon is essential to your overall holistic health. Don’t neglect this part of the body.

Although often over looked compared to other areas of your health, the colon plays a very important role in the function of the whole body. It has a knock on effect on all other organs of the body.

So a poor colon means a poor liver, heart, kidney and this will also show in the condition of your skin.

Our increasingly “fast-food nation” diet in the Western world, means we are eating more and more toxic food and as pollution continues to increase, we are breathing increasing amounts of toxic .

For more information on Colonic Irrigation & Frequently Asked Questions Download our Colonic Irrigation PDF or contact us to discuss your questions further.

If you are still feeling skeptical about the benefits of Colonic Irrigation, feel free to view our testimonials from Colonic Irrigation Advocates & satisified clients.

Enjoy these benefits
  Increase in energy and vitality
  Natural detox
  Feeling positive and relaxed
  Glowing skin
  Reduced symptoms of bloating and IBS
  Flatter stomach
  Natural weight loss
  Relief from constipation
   Feeling of lightness
  Elimination of parasites
  Improved digestion
  Regained muscle streangth of the colon
  Improved absorbtion of nutrients
  Improved mental alertness

Interested in the benefits of colonic irrigation, but unsure of where to start? Perhaps you have some questions? The Colon Care Clinic will be more than happy to give you more information, and explain the colonic irrigation procedure to you, and inform you how the therapy can produce long lasting health benefits.

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