Acupuncture at Colon Care Clinic

We offer offer traditional acupuncture

Traditional acupuncture is an ancient Chinese form of natural medicine that dates back approximately 5,000 years. It has developed from careful observation of the workings of the body and how the environment affects it. The principle behind the medicine is to view and treat the body, mind and emotions as a single unit, working on the cause of the illness, not the symptoms. In many countries it is a primary form of health care; in the hospitals in China it is used directly alongside Western Medicine.

Dr Steven Orloff’s unique Acupuncture technique has delivered excellent results for digestive health, pain relief, stress and anxiety management.  Having been in professional practice since 2007, he is an AHPRA Registered Acupuncturist and a member of AACMA. Highly qualified as a Master in Kung Fu, he draws on his 20 years of experience in Chinese Martial Arts to benefit his patients. You too can benefit.

Acupuncture is more than about just easing pain.  It is about prevention and protection of your health, which is your most valuable commodity. 

Dr. Steven Orloff focuses on the areas of:

  • Stress and Anxiety Management
  • Pain Relief

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